Plus size Fashion


Stop thinking of your fuller figure as something that needs to be completely covered, experts advise

Full-figured women always complain that fashion retailers don’t create stylish-enough garments to cater for their needs.

As much as clothes are available in bigger sizes, they are seldom on-trend and don’t meet curvier women’s desires to be just as stylish as their thinner counterparts. This common complaint has led to an increase in independent plus-size labels that not only celebrate the curvy figure, but also prove that it’s possible to be a stylish size 40.

Earlier this year, when launching her clothing line, international plus-size model Candice Huffine said it is impossible for fuller-figured women to celebrate their bodies if fashion rules still encourage them to cover up.

“Some of the rules for dressing a curvier shape are so archaic; I really think it’s time for a shake-up. If you think of your wardrobe as a hiding place, how can it be any fun?” the 29-year-old asked in her interview with Vogue, adding that it’s sad that so often curvier women aren’t given the option to have fun with fashion.

There aren’t as many stylish options for curvier women as there should be, but at least there are some, says Plus-Fab founding and creative director Ouma Tema, whose label is helping curvier women hold their own on the fashion front.