Q & A with Ouma Tema: Race Ambassador of the week

Ouma Tema_blog image

Tell us about your long journey with the SPAR Women’s Challenge and why you keep being involved with the race year after year.

I have been part of this race since the very first starting point at the High Performance Centre (hpc) of the University of Pretoria in Hatfield. This race is the real deal. This is a race that makes a difference.

The theme of this year’s SPAR Women’s Challenge race is #YesIAm. Drawing from your personal life - what does this mean to you?

The theme is meaningful to me as it affirms who I am and who I aspire to be.

‘Yes I Am’ curvy was your inspiration which lead to the founding of Plus-Fab, offering on-trend and stylish clothing to plus-size women. What advice can you give to women to be just who they are?

Nobody is going to love you on your own behalf. Love yourself, because you are THE ONE.

Who in your life has inspired you to say ‘Yes I Am’ - thus to be authentically you?

My mom, family and country.

Why is it important for us to enable others to say ‘Yes I Am’? Is this something that you do in your everyday life?

My brand, Plus-Fab, was built on the premise that plus-sized women are worthy. It says: “Yes I AM beautiful, sexy and fashionable.’’

Will you attend race day on 3 August?

I won’t miss it for the world! Get an entry form as soon as possible!

Kindly give us some reasons/motivations to inspire people to join in on race day.

Women must enter the race – it serves as a motivator and affirmation of the importance of your inner self. There is always great entertainment on the day and many prizes to be won – including a car!