WCW Ouma Tema: All this plus more


Creative & Founding Director of PLUS-FAB, Ouma Tema

JOHANNESBURG – Born in Limpopo, Ouma Tema struggled when shopping. She would find clothes she liked but they were never the right size. The items that did fit her made her look much older and she would never have worn them any way.


Tema started making her own clothes and showing them off on social media. Her friends and other plus-size women would ask where she bought her outfit, as they shared the same shopping nightmares.

Alerted to the gap in the market, she took it upon herself to start her own fashion brand aiming at plus-size women.




Tema’s purpose is to break the stereotype that there isn&39;t place for plus-size women in the fashion industry. 

This self-established businesswoman started by selling from the boot of her car. Now, she has a showroom and workshop at the State Theatre in Pretoria. Her clothes are also sold at various malls around Johannesburg and in other provinces, as well as at pop-up stores.


Tema&39;s brand has grown over the years. She dresses most plus-size female celebrities, such as 7de Laan&39;s Mimi Mahlasela.